Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Cigarettes and love.

I'm going to try to give you the first video of the girl tonight. Just a few minuets and then give you a short video once a week as for start.
I've got some ideas but I want you to think of what does she do when she is sad? And what cigarettes does she smoke(when and if she smokes!)?

Thank you for the comments and emails so far. And of course you can keep email and leaving comments about how you want her to be because there is much I don't know yet about her!


  1. When she is sad, she forces herself to cry. She watches documentarys about wars and accidents. It helps her get things in perspective.

  2. hennes drömman är leonard cohen!!!!!!

  3. she doesn't smoke, but when someone offers her a cigarette she takes it and puts it in a jar. so she has a collection.

  4. She thought about having breast implants as a teenager, and had a vague hope that they would "mature" when she reached her twenties. Now she just thinks that being flat chested gives you more character and looks better with open blouses.

  5. to a.

    "aren't you ganna smoke that" *Pointing at cigaret*
    Her:"No I'll keep it for later"

  6. White tipped KENT Micronite filters because of the cute little castle!

  7. nice way to build a character :)

    she loves rain, she doesn't likes umbrella and of course, she loves animals :D