Sunday, 20 December 2009

03 - Touched

I don't want to delete the last post or change the youtube video to this vimeo video because I think it is a part of the process, fun to know that youtbube didn't accept the video. Maybe it was the genital hair that did it, because that seemed to provoke the most.
Sorry youtube and readers. I don't shave.

Still, the wonderful music by Sara. (click)

Still sorry for the long black outro. But it takes hours to export it again.


  1. I love this project! :) And I think it is quite sad how it is never really seen in the media - girls who have not shaved. I know some girls do it to be comfortable, but I cannot...just reminds me too much of when I was an infant. Ugh. So I think it is great you do not and that now, people will find this and slowly perhaps it will be less shocking. And maybe other girls will see it and not feel so self conscious. It is after all natural.
    I'm sure I had more to say but I forget. But everything, the music and the people and the editing is wonderful. I can't wait for the next one :)

  2. det skulle vara fint om hon hade en killkompis som var olyckligt kär i henne, fast hon inte vet om det.

    Vad heter hon?
    Sigrid och Astrid är fina namn.

  3. Can't say that I wasn't shocked. Maybe that's why I didn't comment at first.
    It's cool that you are so comitted to this project, that you would do the masturbation scene. But I think that the story is going to stall soon, if there isn't any progress in the characters development.
    Though love may make one a fool, it is as if she's just too needy. To make her more independent you could bring in more characters. Perhaps someone who really cares about her, but who she treats badly.
    Or maybe a change in her looks? More like a heroine - a persona.
    I don't know.. It is just as if there is something missing to make her real interesting.
    Other than this girl, what is her hobbies and interests e.g.?

  4. yea I love it. This is so sad.

  5. Part of what you have hear is the moment before you let someone know that you are in love/lust with them it is a tumultuous time a 'should I stay or should I go' kind of moment. But this seems to not only about unrequited love. I thought about what zizek said in his documentary The Pervert's Guide to Cinema (2006) about how we fall in love with someone but it is not the real person its how we build them in our minds.I think you have a wonderful project here, like the rest I waiting with baited breath.
    ps not sure which editing soft ware your using but u need to put in a mark in and out so you don't get all that black, its the black that is slowing the export time.

  6. finally. so glad it's possible to see it again!
    i can't wait to see more stuff.

    ps.:don't even think about shaving!

  7. Spännande projekt, Arvida. Dina filmer är förvisso väldigt amatörmässiga, men samtidigt är det just så de ska vara, tycker jag. Du borde fortsätta med att berätta mer om henne som person eller illustrera det med mer handlingar.

    Lycka till!

  8. snälla snälla, låt henne ha ett mystiskt samlingsobejekt. som den lilla flärpen på mjölkpaketen man river av. eller pennor som har slutat fungera. eller tändsticksaskar

  9. This is Fantastic.
    Keep up the good work,


  10. i had a dream about you on friday night
    i am a stranger to you &
    you are a stranger to me
    so that i had a wonderful dream about you
    is weird & wonderful

  11. What can I say..? You are fantastic, really. But maybe you don't care what I say :[ anyway I really wanted to leave a little comment :]
    You are a strange person but i LOVE strange people.



  12. Absolutely beautiful. Looking forward for the next one!

  13. really really love it..
    some day..could you make an special episode a little bit longer than the others? just to know better the girl

    keep doing this amazing project

    hugs, and sorry for my english

  14. right thing to do,
    go on!e.*

  15. Neeej någon annan snodde min idé!! Det där med att hon kanske ska samla på något. Hon kan samla på kyssar, dödsannonser eller cigarettfimpar. Att hon kanske gillar fotboll skulle nog inte vara så värst intressant, fokusera mer på de små sakerna. Vill se mer av henne!! Du kan ha ett julspecial. Hur firar hon julafton? Tittar hon på Kalle Anka klockan tre eller är det då hon letar efter stjärnor på himlen? Jag tror jag har fått det mesta sagt nu. Eller nä, jag kan nog skriva hur mycket som helst men det får nu räcka för stunden!

  16. I really like your proyect ... keep on :)

  17. Btwwww skulle jättegärna vara med och hjälpa till! Vad som helst. Du har ju mitt nummer emsi, puss

  18. I saw your videos posted on Le Love's blog and I love your have talent and the build the character idea is one of a kind. I love this blog because it displays the honesty, struggle and bravery that women battle's hard to fall in love with someone you know you can never be with.

  19. I don't know if we can still submit some ideas but I think it would be great to see her dressed up like a boy sometimes, just having a walk, as if she were an unknown in the city... or in some others occasions to experience what does it feel to be someone else.. (just a silly idea I've just had)

  20. This girl just gets more and more interesting. Cant wait to learn more about her. Oh and that long outro was actually kind of, oddly nice.. i thought.

    Great job!


  21. Nice project!
    I´m definitely post your videos in my blog.

    Keep up the great work!


  22. It was nice until the touching part. It could have been more subtle, in my opinion. Like just flashes of its images were shown. The face of the girl could have done it instead. Show some emotions. :)

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  24. Interesting and nice story...:) but theres something missing in the story,,all too soon happening.. and i agree with Jeca; need some emotions.. :)

  25. I juste love your projects and I'm sure I could bring some ideas that would not be helpful for the story or the plot where it is now, but mayabe later.

    What about a fling for her teacher.
    Could she feel desire for her teacher. Write letters...something could happen, or not...
    i'm just brining my own fantacies but I can bring more!

  26. hi arvida,
    could you tell me what camera you are using? The quality is great and looks very professional.

    my email is if you can't reply on here

  27. Also, I should ass that the videos are full of Poetry, I just love it. You should maybe add Poetry, written poetry. So it sticks to the form.

    Your beautiful character wishes she were left-handed (is she by the way) and she loves Poetry, particurlarly John Keats. Your character could love women who know how to read very well aloud (especiall poetry) and your character is not afraid to get older, she loves women with lillte wrinkles...
    She loves the flavour f mandarines and can alosmo fall in love with a woman or a girl who is seatin beside her, reading a book, in a beautiful garden, eating a mandarine, because she gets aroused by this flavour and the perfume of it.
    Also, she often reads aloud herself.

    And the story should slow down a little. but maybe not.

  28. i actually like that there aren't many emotions flying around yet -- it adds to the story and the character's mystery. mystery is good. but not too much---at some point there needs to be a breakdown, or build-up, whichever direction you prefer to take it in. it will make the emotion that much more powerful.

  29. har du sett Amelie från Montmatre (som den heter på svenska..)? I början. när personerna presenteras. hur Amelie gillar att begrava handen i frön eller att försöka räkna ut hur många i byggnaden som har sex. ett sånt avsnitt vore fint. och håller med milkflow, ett litet ovanligt samlarobjekt skulle vara finfint!

  30. och förresten. som någon skrev. om vännen som kunde vara hemligt kär i henne, kan det inte vara honom hon skrev brevet till?

  31. I love your blog, this project is very original, haven't seen anything similar!.. Good luck!

  32. I want more, and more, and more...
    You are better, day by day.

  33. I love that your taking risk and showing women in a different light. You dont see women masterbuating openly in media. Its like its forbidden for us to behave like this. I love this story line. Im in the same situation an untold love that I wont even admit to myself. Wow..this is pure perfection. Im really looking forward to seeing more.